2018 Post-Season Information for Coaches, Golfers and Spectators

Site Information: Regional tournament managers must notify schools of the start time, location and other details pertaining to their Regional meet. Tournament managers have total liberty in establishing start times.  Tournament managers need to inform each school of their golf course policy pertaining to outside food and beverage.  FYI…outside food and beverage will not be allowed at State Golf Tournament venues.

Greens Fees: A $10 per participant fee will be assessed for participation in all Regional tournaments, payable directly to the host school, which in turn will be responsible for paying the host course.

Rules Committee:  The rules committee will be made up of five coaches of participating teams.  If a rules question arises, the golfer can seek out a rules committee member or play a second ball and circle the score/hole in question to discuss with a rules official prior to submitting her scorecard. It is the expectation of the IGHSAU that all coaches be on the course coaching their golfers during meets.

Scorecard Signatures: Scorecards must be signed by the golfer whose score is being kept and person keeping the score.

Emergency Weather Plan: Discuss with teams and coaches (i.e. # air-horn blasts, mark ball, head to clubhouse, etc.)

Attire: All Regional participants must wear the same (color and style) school-issued or school-approved golf uniform shirt (collared or mock-collared), during competition.  Violation = disqualification.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices: The use of cell phones, smartwatches, iPods, other electronic devices by participants during competition shall result in disqualification.  Coaches are allowed to call the clubhouse/rules committee members if a Rules Committee member is needed for a ruling on the course. Golfers may use their cell phones in and around the clubhouse after their own scorecard has been submitted to the official scorers.  Range finding devices are permitted for use by golfers and coaches provided they are only used to measure distance.

Spectator Regulations: Spectators cannot communicate with a golfer on the course until the golfer has submitted her official scorecard to the scoring officials.  (Walking immediately alongside a player is deemed to be communication.)  Spectators may cheer, applaud and offer words of encouragement to golfers, however spectators must adhere to golf etiquette when doing so. Spectators are allowed to assist a player in looking for a lost ball, but at no time provide any type of instruction.  Spectators are asked to refrain from use of cell phones on the course but may use them in/around the clubhouse.  Spectators disrupting play in the opinion of the Rules Committee will be removed from the course.  Competitors may be disqualified if in violation of this rule. Spectators should remain in the rough or on the cart paths and keep parallel to the golfers at all times. Smoking is not allowed during IGHSAU sanctioned events.

Water/Food Distribution: Golfers should make pre-meet preparations and have beverages or an empty bottle in their bag to refill if needed. The IGHSAU allows a parent to hand beverages/food to their player/daughter on the course, with every effort being made to be given between green and tee and without communication between the golfer and parent.

Medalist/Team Advancement: The top two teams in each region advance to the next level of play (to Regional Finals and/or State Tournament). The top eight individuals (and those tied for 8th place) also advance to the next level of play, regardless if they are on a qualifying team or not. All individual ties must be broken (except for 8th place ties) to determine each golfer’s final rank.  Medals for the top eight golfers and State Qualifier banners for the top two teams will be awarded at the end of the Regional Final meet.  Individual and team awards will not be given at the first round Regional meets on May 14th.

Regional Third Place Team Advancement: For the first round of Regionals ONLY (classes 1A and 2A), if the host school (playing on their home course) finishes first or second place in the first round of Regionals, then the third place team will advance to the Regional Final match as well. This new procedure is for the first round of Regionals only (5/14). Third place teams will NOT advance to the State Tournament from the Regional Final meet if the host school finishes first or second in that region.

Lisa Brinkmeyer
Assistant Director/Golf Administrator
[email protected]